The Venus Factor Diet Review – Will it help you lose weight?

The Venus Factor diet has enjoyed a great deal of popularity since it’s release last year. But is it just another gimmicky weight loss program that promises the world but does not actually help at all? Or is it worthwhile? I have tried it and have found out some interesting things.

What is it?

The Venus Factor diet is a major part of the Venus Factor System. It is advertised as a complete weight loss solution, in that it will help you lose weight without the need for exercise. Of course, exercise will help but it is not needed. Even though it is a diet by name, it seems more like a set of rules to follow. But even these rules are quite flexible. Overall, it is a healthy 12 week meal plan designed for steady weight loss, but also a plan that really focuses on eliminating rebound weight gain and promoting permanent weight loss. Throughout the Venus Community, many ladies have told their success stories following this diet.

The Venus Factor Diet encourages eating the foods you love

With the Venus Factor, dozens of basic meal plans are provided if you don’t want to think about what to eat and are happy following the plan and eating whatever is set out. Not that eating what’s on the plan is a chore. The plans are filled with a large variety of great, tasty meal ideas. But these meal plans are intended as guides only. Once you understand the rules used to work out the meal plans, you can sub in any foods you want. These rules are straight forward to understand, but are quite a unique way to think about food intake, calories, protein, etc.

“Learning that you don’t need restricted diet rules and regulations and that you can choose your own food is tremendous freedom”.
tasty food

It uses a sophisticated calorie counting method to help you work out what’s ok to eat in a day

Calorie counting can be a very effective means of losing weight when it’s done correctly. Of course you can’t eat a chocolate cake for breakfast and nothing for the rest of the day. That would clearly be a very unhealthy way to go about it. But there is a lot more to it. For example, it is important to correctly work out your own daily calorie limit and not go by general figures. This limit will also change with your weight loss. As mentioned, following the calorie counting method outlined in the Venus Factor 12 week fat loss system is a complete weight loss solution. No exercise is needed in order to reach your weight loss goals. However, those who exercise will see additional benefits.

Some additional rules

Aside from the unique yet straight-forward calorie counting technique, the Venus Factor diet also recommends following a few other rules. For example, it sets out some times during the day when all food should be avoided, for a daily fasting period. Guidelines for consuming protein, fat and supplements are also provided. Also, there is no weigh-ins or keeping track of your weight in any way. What is encouraged is keeping track of waist, shoulder and hip measurements and concentrating on reducing those.

The Virtual Nutritionist

The Venus factor Diet works together with the Virtual Nutritionist. This is a  computer program which takes your waist, shoulder and hip measurements (collectively known as your Venus Index) and outputs your recommended  daily calorie and protein intake.

Meal ideas provided in the form of a cook book

When purchasing the Venus Factor System, there are some optional extras. The 12 week fat loss system is included and that contains the basic meal plans, in table form,based on different amounts of daily calories.  These do not have a great deal of information,  just all recommended meal ingredients, their calories, carbs and protein. But there is an option to buy more in-depth meal plans to help get used to the Venus Factor way. There are also things like the Venus Factor Fat Loss cook book. This is a collection of 100 tasty, healthy recipes in case you are looking for more meal ideas. I  believe there is even a Venus Factor grocery list provided, making everything nice and easy. Other optional extras include things like the final phase book, to help you lose that last bit of stubborn weight, as well as a guide for quick weight loss called “Slim in Seven”.


Supplements that increase sensitivity to leptin

When it comes to supplements, most are made by men for men. There is only a handful specific to women and they are not well known at all. As a woman, when trying to lose weight, paying attention to what works better for a woman’s body can make a huge difference. The Venus Factor system places a lot of importance on leptin resistance, leptin sensitivity, and how women and men’s bodies deal with this hormone differently. Therefore, the supplements talked about cater for this by helping to normalize and increase leptin sensitivity.

So overall, although a little overwhelming at first, I have found the Venus Factor diet to meet my needs quite well.  Even if I haven’t stuck to it as well as I should, I have found the meal plans quite useful when deciding on a healthy meal to eat.

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