Fitwall Workouts – what are they all about?

In today’s world, when it comes to different workouts, we are truly spoiled for choice. There is so much more on offer than the usual running, walking, swimming, cycling, playing sport and so on. The possibilities seem to be ever increasing towards endless. It is only recently that CrossFit has taken the world by storm. There are now some pretty amazing kettlebell workouts available. And don’t get me started on the zumba craze of a little while ago. Another such form of exercise which has enjoyed increased popularity as of late is the Fitwall workout.

What is a Fitwall?

Fitwall has aptly been described as a “tech inspired fitness craze”. It is a 40 minute small group vertical workout with a difference. The workout is performed on an intriguing contraption resembling a steel shelf with various chords attached to the sides. Participants perform a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility that seems to work really well. In addition, each participant’s vitals are monitored using custom technology located on an ipad located close to the steel shelf contraption. Progress is tracked, results are displayed and a safe way of pushing yourself to your limits is offered. But since a picture paints a thousand words and a video even more, here is exactly what the contraption looks like and how it is used:

Where did it start?

The first Fitwall gym opened in San Diego earlier this year. Over the next few years, it’s founders, Josh Weinstein, Doug Brendle, Ethan Penner, and Anthony Westreich plan to open 100 similar gyms all around the US.

What are the benefits of a Fitwall workout?

It promises activation of muscles, balance of the body, increased caloric consumption and decompression of the spine in a fun and engaging environment. But what other benefits does it offer?

  • Great way to get an all body workout in just over half an hour
    There are not many classes out there that literally offer a head to toes workout. You are holding up your body weight on the Fitwall for most of the exercises in the class, making everything else that little bit harder.
  • It is gentle on your body
    This is said to be the most beneficial aspect of the workout. It has been a recommended workout for many people with slight injuries, especially joint problems. During such a workout all muscles are engaged, as soon as you get on the Fitwall. So you’re not overdoing 1 area.
  • Great for building core strength
    Your core is constantly engaged. You are using it to hold you on the wall.

Is a Fitwall workout recommended for ladies?

Fitwall generally seems to have been adopted by men and women alike. There is no exercises specific to men or women only.  There are even some ladies only classes around the place.

Anything to watch out for?

If you’re just getting started with fitness, it might be worth finding a lower level Fitwall class to ease into it. A class where everyone else is almost an elite athlete would not be a great introduction to the sport. That being said, during a fitwall workout, you’re only competing against yourself.  It is only you, the fitwall and the tracking software on the ipad. Your biggest competition is your own previous results from previous sessions.

What are others saying about Fitwall?

Fitwall does seems to deliver on it’s promises and provide a great workout according to some:

“Most of all, Fitwall has taught me to challenge myself, to find my limits and push past them, both on the wall and in life.”
– Dana P.
“Since doing Fitwall my center of balance has gone through the roof!”
– Jori
“just completed my first 45 minute Fit Wall workout and all I can say is wowza was that a hard workout.”
– Unknown

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