Fitness Workouts for Women

Whether you are a woman trying to lose weight or you are looking to get into better shape overall, then finding fitness workouts for women can often be somewhat difficult. Many of the very popular fitness programs today seem to be based on a boot camp style of working out, which is often more suited for men, particularly those who are interested in putting on muscle. However, most women would prefer to not put on bulky muscle and therefore finding fitness workouts for women that really work is something that may be able to help you.

Are There Fitness Workouts for Women Only?

Traditionally, many fitness workouts for women have been extremely focused on cardiovascular exercise rather than weight training. The reason for this is because it was often thought that cardiovascular exercise was the key to losing body fat, though most current research proves that to be not true at all. In fact, doing workouts that consist of weight-bearing exercise and resistance exercise is often the best way to lose weight and burn fat quickly.
Another thing that has often been true when it comes to women’s workouts is that they are generally more focused on dance and rhythmic moving than men’s workouts. While this may be beneficial for some women, there will be those who do not enjoy frivolous dancing movements when working out. Therefore, weight training is often more suited to women who are very focused on losing body fat and getting a better shape overall.

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What Kind of Working Out Should You Do?

There is a big difference between burning calories and burning fat and unfortunately some women believe these to be the same. If you get on a treadmill for an hour, there is little doubt that you will burn calories, but you may actually be slowing down your metabolic rate in the long term, which is forcing your body to hold onto more body fat.
The truth is that most women do not have a lot of time on their hands to be doing slow cardio workouts, so more vigorous weight training workouts are usually a better choice for those who are trying to lose body fat and get in shape.

Do You Need to Lift Weights?

If you are a woman who is not particularly interested in joining a gym or lifting free weights, then it is important to know that there are other options open to you. You do not have to head over to the free weights section of the gym and lift weights with big, musclebound men in order to lose weight and get in shape. But, using weights at home is a very effective and efficient way to burn more calories and burn body fat quickly.
The best news of all is that you can lift weights at home without buying an entire home gym or even investing a lot of money in weights. For the most part, it is possible for you to get an incredibly effective weight work out with just a couple of hand weights of varying sizes.

How Much Weight Can You Really Lose?

When you are looking at workouts that are focused on helping you lose weight, it is important that you differentiate between losing weight and losing body fat. It is actually a lot easier to lose weight then it is to burn body fat, because many of the commonly used diets and fitness workouts for women rely on you losing water weight and lean muscle rather than body fat. So, paying attention to exactly what kind of weight you are losing is important.
It is quite possible to lose up to 2 pounds or so of body fat per week, but you will need to work out properly in order to achieve that. One program that has been getting a lot of attention in recent years is the Venus Factor, which is a fully integrated fitness and weight loss program that will help address the individual needs of you as a woman, and enable you to lose body fat and get the kind of shape you have always wanted.

Where Can You Find Fitness Workouts for Women?

Find out about the Venus Factor.

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Whether you are trying to ramp up your workout schedule or you are looking for new fitness workouts for women that really works, the Venus Factor may be exactly the kind of program you have been looking for.

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