Ashy Bines’ Clean Eating Diet Plan and The Venus Factor System compared

Ashy Bines’ Clean Eating Diet claims to be the guide to the bikini body you have always wanted. But how does this diet plan compare to the Venus Factor System, an exercise and diet plan especially for women that aims to help you build your dream body. What do you get when you buy the Clean Eating Diet? What do you get when you buy the Venus Factor System? Which is more likely to help you lose weight? I have tried both and have found some interesting things.

Quick overview of similarities and differences

  • Both diet plans provide great healthy meal ideas and recipes. The Clean Eating Diet includes a recipe  book while the Venus Factor provides a recipe book as an optional extra.
  • Both programs are exclusively for women. However, I have found the information in the Clean Eating Plan to be more generally applicable than that of the Venus Factor which takes into account hormonal differences between men and women
  • Both offer a 12 week plan for weight loss, but the Venus Factor System is more in-depth, telling you exactly what you should eat and what exercise you should do every day for 12 weeks.


What you get with the Clean Eating Diet Plan

When you purchase Ashy Bines’ Clean Eating, you will get:

Ashy’s Clean Eating Guide: This is the main part. It contains some nutritional information, then some recipes for many different breakfast options that are acceptable on the plan. Also, there are guidelines to follow when making a lunch, dinner or snacks choice or even a choice at a restaurant. There is an example weekly meal plan and suggested shopping list. There are also some additional general guidelines to stick to while following the diet and a list of “no-no’s” or things to stay away from while on the diet. As well, there is some exercising information and supplement information. Last but not least, there are many common questions answered by professionals such as dermatologists, nutritionists and some pregnancy specific ones answered by a nurse.

–  Recipe Book: This contains recommended meal options while following the diet plan. It includes ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

–  Meal Planner Form and Shopping List Form: These will help you plan your shopping and meals as per the clean eating guidelines.

– “A day in the life of Ashy” : This book takes you through the exact exercises Ashy does every day of the week, the foods she eats and the sleep she gets

Access to the Clean Eating Facebook group: This is a group that has thousands of members, all supporting each other and posting great ideas for recipes, and so on.

When buying the clean eating diet plan, you can choose to buy a few optional extras, like Ashy’s Green Smoothy Revolution, a smoothy recipe book and a gourmet desserts book.

The plan is  priced at $75.90 but sometimes there are specials on and it can be picked up for half price.

What is included with the Venus Factor System?

Venus Factor 101: This is a book that will explain all the different parts of the Venus Factor so you know how you can make the most of this exercise and diet plan.

12 Week Fat Loss System: This book is a significant part of the Venus Factor System. It covers the diet and nutrition program. It also includes inspiring stories and photos of many women who have achieved their weight loss goals with the Venus Factor. Then, it goes into detail regarding gender differences in metabolism and leptin’s effect on the body. It describes different ways of looking at diet cheat days and different ways to think about “bad food”. It also lists the foods that are going to make it harder to lose weight. It provides insightful information on carbohydrates, fats, protein, meal timing, calories, supplements and other factors that affect the female shape. It also includes some quite technical scientific facts on metabolism and fat burning explained clearly and simply. Last but not least, it provides a weekly meal plan revised based on the measurements you take each week.

Venus Factor Workout: This is a complete 12 week plan outlining all physical exercises that should be done every day for 12 weeks. If you are unfamiliar with any exercise mentioned, they are all linked to a video that demonstrates the exercise. There is also an exercise gallery explaining all included exercises.

Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist: This is a software program where you can enter your current measurements and receive your current ideal calorie intake. You can then use this calorie intake number and choose which meal plan to follow.

Venus Community: This forum is full of activity with members discussing weight training, nutrition and supplements, sharing recipes, requesting podcasts and much more.

Venus Index Podcasts: You can listen to other members tell their success stories

Venus Index iphone App: Everything included in the members area is also available in this app. You don’t have to be in front of the computer to

Tracker – software program that offers an easy way to track your progress and creates a chart.

And I’m sure that’s not even all of it. There seems to be goodies hidden everywhere within the members area. The program is currently priced at $47 USD.

When you buy the Venus Factor you can choose to buy some optional extras:

– Final Phase: After the 12 week weight loss, the final phase is for those that want to push themselves even further and achieve the absolute best body they can.

– Meal Plans: various breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes for the 12 week weight loss system, complete with all nutritional information

– Cookbook: many additional recipes done the venus way

– Venus Immersion: an online community exclusive to Venus Factor members, which is used by the Venus Factor creator, John Barban to give further support and answer questions.

Fight to Lose Weight With Diets

Overall comparison

– The Clean Eating Diet plan lists foods to stay away from as best you can. The Venus Factor indulges the fact that we are all human and we are unlikely to stop eating things we enjoy altogether and works around this fact.

– Both programs are specifically for women. However, the Clean Eating Diet plan seems more general. The Venus Factor focuses on differences in leptin sensitivities between women’s and men’s bodies. The specific rules as well as supplements recommended are done with this in mind.

– Personally, I feel i have learned more about better nutrition from the Venus Factor. I had already come across some of the tips provided in the Clean Eating Plan.

– Ashy Bines includes great recipes in the Clean Eating Plan. Although the Venus Factor offers meal plans, and some cooking suggestions, recipes are only available as an additional extra. However, great recipes are shared by members in the forum on a regular basis.

– The Venus Factor has a 12 week plan based on differing amounts of calories, while the Clean Eating Diet on it’s own is an overall plan for clean eating.

– With the virtual nutritionist, the Venus factor aims to personalize the program, making it less general and more applicable to your specific needs.

– As the name suggests, the Clean Eating Plan focuses more on nutrition. There is some information included about exercise, but not to the same extent as what is in the Venus Factor.

So, some final thoughts: The Clean Eating Diet Plan provides good information about nutritious food and making healthy choices for a better lifestyle. The Venus Factor System  is a complete action plan that you can start following right away and will see you every step of the way for 12 weeks, after which you can follow a maintenance plan. If you follow it as it is, after you work out your allowed calories based on your measurements, you have already got a meal plan laid out for you. Then, when your allowed calories change, you have another meal plan to follow. Additionally, you have an exercise plan to follow every day if you so choose. Therefore, if I had to chose, I would definitely pick the Venus Factor.

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