The Venus Factor System – Does it work?

The Venus Factor System is an exercise and dietary program carefully planned out by some of the world’s top trainers. Multiple factors of this program means it is specifically tailored to women.

Choosing the right workout program and the right diet is something that many people struggle with, especially women. The truth is that women have special dietary needs and simply hitting the gym a few times a week is not going to work for most. Whether you are trying to lose a significant amount of body fat or you just want to trim up a bit and get in better shape, learning about the Venus Factor may help you reach your goals quicker.

What Is the Venus Factor System?

This is a unique dietary program (only meant for women) that includes both a comprehensive nutritional plan and work out system that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to join the gym or buy any special exercise equipment. You already have everything you need to make a major change in your body during the course of the 12 week program.

The Venus Factor has been designed by one of the top trainers in the world, John Barban. John Barban is well known for writing other great exercise systems such as the Adonis Index Workout for which he worked on with Brad Pillon. John Barban holds a masters in human bioligy and nutrition as well as numerous others personal training certifications. He has worked in research and development of the dietary and sports supplement industry for the better part of the last decade and still provides consulting work for the largest supplement companies in the world. He has worked on brands like MuscleTech, NX Labs and Slimquick.


How Does It Work?

The main reason why the Venus Factor program stands out from other exercise and diet programs, is because it is focused on the scientific differences between a woman’s metabolism and a man’s. Unfortunately, many women find it very hard to lose body fat, even when they do a lot of exercise and restrict their caloric intake. Women’s hormones are a huge factor in weight loss problems. In fact, constant dieting is one of the main reasons why women see a slowdown in their metabolism rate to start with.

When you start with this program, you will be given a very specific diet to follow that is designed to help raise your leptin levels, which will in turn help you burn more fat and lose weight quicker. The fact that you can do this without taking unnecessary diet pills or other products, or without buying special exercise equipment means that you will have a greater chance of losing weight and getting the body you have always wanted much quicker.

So What’s In A Venus Factor Diet?

This is less a question about what foods you can eat with the venus factor program and more a question about how much of each food you eat. It is fine to treat yourself with your favourite foods but it is not ok to over indulge. It’s all about Caloric intake and keeping under a certain amount. There’s no point in eating “healthy” foods you hate if you feel starved and like you need to keep eating, taking yourself over the calorie limit.

Where Can You Order the Venus Factor?

The only place where you can currently sign up for the Venus Factor is online. When you go to the official website, under the ‘Get Access Now!’ link, there is a secure payment form from which a transaction can be made and the Venus Factor download obtained. The actual transaction happens through a company called Clickbank. Clickbank is often used to securely manage such transactions, so  you might see this name come up on your bank statement. This is perfectly normal. Once you have purchased the Venus Factor, you will get a number of free bonus materials with your purchase as well. One of these bonuses is a 30 day trial membership into the Venus Factor Immersion program. This is an ongoing program to provide support and additional materials for women who are eager to get the most out of the Venus Factor. These materials include audio programs, video programs, additional workouts, and even apps for your phone and software for your computer.

The entire Venus Factor program comes with a 30 day risk-free guarantee, which means that you will have time to evaluate this before committing. Find that the Venus Factor is not right for you, then there is no further charge.

In terms of price, the Venus Factor has one fee only. However, some bonuses like the Immersion program do have a monthly fee after the initial free month.

Is This the Right Weight Loss Program for You?

Many different ways to exercise and diet plans seem to pop up every day. What makes the Venus Factor any different? It is the way it considers the differences in women’s bodies when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. By now, you are probably aware of some of these differences. If you have been unsuccessful in terms of losing weight are not getting in shape no matter what you do, then the Venus Factor may be the kind of program that can help you succeed. In just 12 weeks, by following the dietary plan and workout program, you should see a different body in the mirror.

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